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Affordable Car Insurance – The newly launched Singtel Car Protect is convenient and affordable for drivers with basic needs. Here’s everything you need to know to decide if this plan is right for you. It’s surprising to see Singtel putting its name on a car insurance plan. Because what does the phone company know about insuring private cars and their drivers, right? But remember, Singtel Car Protect is a partnership and the policy is under Great Eastern Life. In case you didn’t know, Great Eastern has the status of being the oldest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia, so either way, you’re in for a treat. So, what does Singtel Car Protect offer, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and what are the drivers designed for this plan? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article, which covers the following: Pros and Cons of Singtel Car ProtectKey Features of Singtel Car Protect Key Disadvantages to Note Who Singtel Car Protect is good for? claims Pros and cons of Singtel Car Protect ProsCons Simple and easy car insurance Narrow requirements for anonymous driver excess Competitive pricing No extras and optional benefits Written by Great Eastern Life, an established insurance company in Singapore including accident towing charges by default Singtel Car Protect key features #1: Simple and easy car insurance plan Singtel Car Protect is a simple and easy car insurance plan that covers you against common problems you may encounter to drive. It follows a stripped-down approach, choosing to focus only on the most important benefits, so it can achieve a premium price. However, the lack of extras and extras greatly limits the adaptability of this plan, which may be a problem in the eyes of drivers with more demanding needs. But for those looking for just basic protection, the simplicity of Singtel Car Protect can be reassuring. #2: Accident towing covered by default Unlike other car insurance policies in the market, Singtel Car Protect ensures that accident towing costs are covered in its three plans. You can claim up to S$300 in towing costs if your car becomes inoperable due to an accident. This is a useful benefit that helps reduce the financial costs of an accident. #3: Personal accident and medical benefits are included in the three tiers of Singtel Car Protect which comes in three different tiers – Value, Premium and Cash – with both offering personal accidents and health benefits. As a policyholder, you are covered up to $120,000 for accidental death and disability. Drivers and passengers are insured, currently, covered up to S $ 50, 000 each. In addition, there are health benefits for you, authorized drivers and passengers up to $1,000 per person. Although the limits for these benefits are not high, they still provide a level of security, especially for the policyholder. Important disclaimers to note Be aware of these disclaimers if you’re considering signing up for Singtel Car Protect. For a full list of exclusions and other important information, read the policy manual here. Singtel Car Protect does not cover: Loss of the insured vehicle or other accidental damage. other parts of the car at the same time) Claims arising from the vehicle being driven with more passengers or loading more than the warranty for Loss, liability. , injury, illness, injury or death, arising out of or related to an infectious disease (i.e. cannot be used to cover claims against you if your passenger contracts COVID-19 during you are riding in your car, for example) Who is Singtel Car Protect best for? Singtel Car Protect offers a good balance between protection and cost. You can get coverage for all three insurance needs for drivers – death, damage or theft; third party numbers; and accident and health costs – and competitive pricing to match them. What you won’t find are extras and extras, but again, these may or may not be relevant to your context. Singtel Car Protect, is made for drivers with simple needs, and those who don’t want or need anything else. The only real decision you need to join a workshop of your choice is if you are willing to use only official workshops. Plan tiers, prices and latest promotions What plan tiers are available for Singtel Car Protect? The following table provides a summary of Singtel Car Protect. There are three levels you can choose from: Value, Essential and Premium. Value is a basic auto insurance plan that provides coverage for damage and/or loss of the vehicle, as well as third party liability for property damage and personal injury. If you want a more comprehensive set of coverage, you’ll want to look at the Essential and Premium tiers. In addition to the added value, it also includes personal accident and health benefits. Between Essential and Premium, there is only one difference: workshop selection. Premium allows you to use as many workshops as you want, and Essential allows you to use only certified workshops. For full details of the plan, see the policy documents. ItemValueEssentialPremiumWorkshop Authorized Only Any accidental or accidental loss, loss or damage by fire or theft Up to market value at the time of damage Up to market value at the time of damage Color more than the market value at the time of the damage General adjustment. and returns Not covered Unlimited, with an excess of S$100Limited for S$100 death or bodily injury to one partyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedLiability for damage to third party propertyUp to S$5 millionUp to S$5 millionUp to S$5 million Medical expenses for you, official driver and passengers Not covered up to S. $1, 000 Up to S $1, 000 Personal accident benefits Not covered Policyholder up to S$120 , 000 Official driver or passenger: Up to S$50, 000 Project Manager: Up to S$120, 000 Official driver or passenger: Up to S$50, 000 Accident towing chargesUp to S$300 Up to S$300 To S$300Excess Standard: S$500 to $900 Unregistered driver age below 26 and above 69: S$2, 500 Unregistered driver age 26 to 69 and less than 3 years driving experience: S$2, 500 Anonymous driving age 26 to 69 more than 3 years driving experience: S$500 Standard: S$500 to S$900 Anonymous driving age below 26 and over 69: S$2, 500 Anonymous driving age 26 to 69 and below at 3 years driving experience: S$2,500 anonymous driving age 26 to 69 more than 3 years driving experience: S$500 Standard: S$500 to S$900 anonymous driving age below 26 and above 69: S$2,500 Anonymous driver age 26 to 69 with less than 3 years driving experience: S$2,500 Anonymous driver age 26 to 69 and over 3 years driving experience: S$500 How much does Singtel Car Protect cost? PremiumsValueEssentialPremiumYearlyS$989.49S$1, 075.54S$1, 290.64 The above premiums are for a single male driver, 44 years old. Note that a 20% No-Claim discount is being offered. According to the information given to us, the spread of the prices is the same for the three levels. As mentioned earlier, the Value level does not include accidents and health benefits. Currently, the only benefit you get from the Premium level is the freedom to use the workshop of your choice. Therefore, it’s likely that the premium option, Essential, will prove to be the best option for most drivers – especially if you don’t have a personal accident plan. What promotions are there for Singtel Car Protect If you’re thinking of switching to Singtel Car Protect, make sure you don’t miss out on these promotions going on now: Get a S$300 fuel voucher when you sign up for Singtel Car ProtectGain 10 lucky chances to win 1 year of free pension Refer a friend and get a $50 pension bonus when they sign up. Singtel Car Protect is underwritten by Great Eastern Life, which means it’s the party you need to settle your claims with. You can find all the information on the Great Eastern website, but here are the steps you should follow when making a claim: Make an accident report at one of Great Eastern’s authorized workshops within 24 hours of accident If necessary, call the 24-Hour Towing Helpline at +65 6535 0511 If there is an injury, call the police for assistance. Consult a licensed financial advisor or qualified person before purchasing the product. If you choose not to seek advice from an authorized advisor, you should consider whether the product is right for you. Buy an insurance product that

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