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As Car Insurance – As you already know, your car insurance needs to be renewed every year. It’s important that you do, because your car insurance – depending on whether it’s Omnium, Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) or Third Party Only (TPO) – provides protection to your car against accidental damage, fire, theft and liability. Third parties in the form of death, injury and property damage.

Renewing your car insurance policy before its expiry date is not only important but also necessary because failure to do so will not only cause your insurance policy to expire but also lead to many complications.

As Car Insurance

As Car Insurance

First, you need to buy a brand new insurance policy for your vehicle. Additionally, if the policy is not renewed, you will lose all the benefits of the years you have booked, such as “Your Claim Waiver” (NCD). Most insurers offer a grace period of 1 year as per Singapore General Insurance Association (GIA) guidelines. However, it offers a grace period of 2 years to redeem your original policy.

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In this article, we will discuss the consequences of a lapsed car insurance policy and what to do if it happens. But the best thing to do is to prevent your car insurance from lapsing.

It is illegal to drive in Singapore without valid car insurance. If you are caught driving an uninsured car, you may face severe legal action and ultimately huge fines.

The Singapore Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks and Compensation) Act provides that anyone caught driving a motor vehicle in Singapore without third party risk insurance can be fined up to S$1,000, jailed for up to 3 months, or both. If you are convicted of this offence, you will be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for 12 months from the date of conviction.

Another risk you run by letting your car insurance coverage lapse is an increase in your premiums. If the period between the policy expiry and its renewal is significant, you may end up paying a higher premium or the renewal may be rejected altogether.

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If you get into an accident, the biggest risk is not having car insurance. Driving without insurance can result in liability, such as risking your life and that of other motorists, and injury and damage to your car and other vehicles on the road.

That means you have to pay for property damage and medical expenses out of your own pocket.

Now let’s move on to the main part of the article, what you can do if your car insurance expires.

As Car Insurance

The first step is to contact your car insurance company. Your insurer may still offer a grace period for regular renewal of your lapsed policy. Otherwise, you need to apply for a new car insurance policy.

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But if you’re considering switching insurers, now would be a good time to do so. Compare car insurance policies online and choose the one that offers the best deal at a competitive premium.

Next, sort out your expired car insurance documents and paperwork and keep them handy. You should also include documents, bills, receipts and other details of previous claims in this document.

After reporting your lapsed policy to your auto insurance company, they should give you a new option after recalculating your premium. Compare all the details of the new policy with your expired auto insurance policy to ensure that you are getting the same coverage. Of course you can opt for other optional benefits if required and check if any current discounts or promotions apply to your new policy.

Also check if your insurer is allowed to transfer the No Claim Discount (NCD) from your lapsed policy. Insurers may grant this claim if you’re a loyal customer, so it’s worth checking.

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Finally, it’s up to you to choose a brand new auto insurance policy or reinstate one similar to your lapsed policy.

Choose the policy that suits you and pay only for what you need. Here are some ways to save on your premium:

The best way to avoid gaps in coverage and make sure you’re protected is to maintain regular coverage and prevent your car insurance from lapsing. Pay your monthly premiums on time and make sure you know the end date of your policy.

As Car Insurance

You can auto-pay and auto-renew your policy. If you change insurance companies, make sure that the start date of your new policy matches the end date of your old policy.

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Always remember that if the policy is not renewed before the end date, the policy will lapse. And it’s best to avoid lapses in car insurance because uninsured vehicles can put you at financial risk if you’re involved in an accident or accident.

However, the good news is that you can easily renew your car insurance from the comfort of your own home by submitting your application online. So avoid the consequences of a lapsed policy and make sure you renew your car insurance on time! Allianz Motor Protect car insurance may be lightweight, but it covers the average driver’s needs well. Those who adopt a “good enough” attitude will be satisfied. When it comes to insurance coverage, more is not always better. There is no point in paying high premiums against a situation you may not encounter. If you agree with the previous statement, Allianz Motor Protect car insurance might be the right choice for you. Unlike some other plans, Alliance Motor Protect takes a stripped-down approach, focusing on covering common scenarios that average drivers encounter. The result is a lightweight but adequate plan, and easy on the wallet to get started. Is this bare-bones approach to auto insurance right for you? Missing something you consider important at Allianz Motor Protect? What should you know before signing up for this policy? Read on to find out. Advantages and Disadvantages of Allianz Motor Protect Key Features of Allianz Motor Protect Key Exclusions to Note Who is Allianz Motor Protect best suited for? Plan Levels, Premiums and Latest Promotions How to Claim Advantages and Disadvantages of Alliance Motor Car Insurance Pros and Cons Lifetime Warranty on Repairs Most Benefits Available for Advanced Levels Free Replacement Car or Transportation Allowance Free Replacement Car or Transportation Allowance Pay Extra for Old Replacement Car, Preferred Agreed Value Payout Free 24/7 emergency assistance Low, affordable premiums

However, some drivers who don’t want to complicate things will find this plan a refreshing change as it focuses only on the benefits and coverage they need most.

This means that, barring specific requirements or special benefits, most drivers will find a lightweight but efficient plan that can meet their needs.

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Another benefit of signing up with Allianz Motor Insurance is that you get a lower driver for S$500.

There is a side note: this reduced rate only applies if the driver in question is 27 years of age or older and has more than one year of driving experience.

If these conditions are not met, the unnamed driver’s deductible is S$2,500, so why not keep the car keys away from the youngest drivers in the family?

As Car Insurance

If you have any concerns about using Allianz Authorized Workshops to repair your vehicle following an accident, know that you are protected by the Lifetime Accident Repair Warranty.

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This ensures that the repair will last the entire distance. If they don’t, that is

Allianz Motor Protect offers what is called an agreed value payout on total loss, which pays you an agreed value at the start of the policy year in the event of a total loss of your car.

You will get the same amount through this benefit irrespective of whether your car is stolen within three months or within twelve months. Without this benefit, if you submit your claim later in the policy year, you will get less.

Under the enhanced plan, an agreed value payment on total loss is available only as an optional add-on, without additional premium.

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If you’re considering signing up to Allianz Motor Protect, consider these exclusions. Read the policy here for a full list of exclusions and other important information.

Allianz Motor Protect is worry-free car insurance with attractively low premiums. In return, you get coverage for all the areas you need, but no more.

You can try to expand your coverage with optional add-ons – which include No-Claims Discount (NCD) protector, free choice of repair shop and personal accident cover – but only NCD protector.

As Car Insurance

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