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Auto Insurance – NTUC Income, the lion in the car insurance market, needs no introduction in Singapore. The policy of NTUC Auto Insurance (Drivo Auto Insurance) focuses on accident protection, which makes this plan a good choice for customers who want to increase peace of mind. Young drivers (first time drivers) benefit from NTUC car insurance policy, accident and claim services.

The main product of NTUC car insurance is comprehensive car insurance, known as Drivo car insurance, and it is categorized into 3 flavors – Classic, Premium and Prestige. NTUC also offers old car insurance. They are Third Party Only and Third Party Fire & Theft. These plans are cheaper and less expensive. NTUC also offers a cover plan for PHV (Private Hire Vehicles), the plan provides protection against damage, loss and damage caused by theft and fire. But it is not covered by war, chaos or other people

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

The plan provides coverage for accident, medical and towing along with third party protection and loss. In addition, your vehicle is covered for malpractice, natural disasters, civil disturbances, lightning, explosions and theft.

Car Insurance 101: Factors That Affect Insurance Premiums

The Premium plan offers the same benefits and coverage as regular, only offering the flexibility of a workshop option.

Difference between Classic and Premium Plans: If you don’t care about workshops, you can save up to 30% with the classic plan, if you use the benefits of premium coverage

Prestige Plan: The plan is for those who are looking for coverage for their high-end cars such as Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxter, and 911. If you own the Porsche car and are 33 years or older and have driving experience Minimum 3 years without accident claim buy this plan specially designed for you.

NCD Protector: With a No Claims Discount (NCD) of 30% and above, you can add this protector and keep your NCD in case you need to make a claim.

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(Note: When purchasing NTUC car insurance at 50% NCD for at least 2 consecutive years, NTUC car insurance will give you free NCD protection when you renew your NTUC car insurance in the 3rd year.)

Excess Withdrawal: This allows you to withdraw more than $600. You pay more, if there is a claim you don’t have to pay a single penny. (Applies to Drivo Premium and Classic plans only)

$50 Daily Transport Allowance: Pay extra and enjoy this benefit while your car is parked in the workshop. Valid only on first 2 claims and up to 7 days at a time.

Auto Insurance

Malaysia extension: NTUC car insurance policy automatically covers you when you drive to Malaysia. But if you often drive across the border with the family. Go ahead and choose to extend coverage in Malaysia, the policy covers all other drivers and passengers.

Auto Insurance Review Methodology

NTUC car insurance is not the cheapest. There are many new digitally savvy insurers who are trying to disrupt the status quo at lower prices. Compare car insurance prices with Drivo. Car insurance

There are a few ways to help you get cheaper premiums. Apart from the standard NCD and loyalty discount, NTUC also has 2 schemes, FlexiMileage and Drive Master.

NTUC FlexiMileage: You can get a discount of 20% (if you drive less than 9,000 km per year) and 35% (if you drive less than 3,500 km per year). NTUC verifies the mileage of the previous year and therefore you can get a discount on your plan. To track your mileage next year, NTUC will also install a telematics device in your car.

NTUC Drive Master: You can benefit from up to 25% discount as a master driver. Register with NTUC and download the app that tracks your driving behavior and score up to 100. The higher the driving score, the higher the discount.

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Note:  You can only choose either the FlexiMileage OR Drive Master scheme. Sign up for FlexiMileage* and get up to 69% off your Drivo car insurance plan* if you drive less. Op

NOT the cheapest, many Singaporeans don’t mind paying more for security. If you are looking for maximum protection for accident related activities, NTUC is a good insurance to consider.

NTUC customers will not switch to another car insurance plan because of the emergency department, Orange Force, the first trained emergency response team.

Auto Insurance

Call the hotline:  6789 5000 and wait 20 minutes. The Orange Force Rider will calm you down, take pictures, record your statement, and arrange medical, and other transportation. What more could you ask for!

Compare Car Insurance. Which Is Right For You?

The insurance market is a market where we focus on insurance and where professional parties come together to make insurance in the best and responsible way. The insurance marketplace offers a variety of general insurance products (such as travel insurance, domestic workers insurance, pet insurance and more) online and life insurance through personal advice from of the skilled brokers. We sell NTUC Car Insurance just check our online quote on our portal. Right now we have a promotion that if you buy car insurance from us you will get 5% OFF on car insurance.

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Rahul is a senior technologist with an excellent business background. He has over 15 years of experience in the insurance, banking and finance industry. He is interested in using new technology in insurance. When you buy a new car, it is necessary to apply for car insurance to ensure that your car is financially protected against damage. Although many people think that cars are cheap, the truth is that cars are expensive. Car insurance is a must almost everywhere. The most difficult task that many car owners face is getting the best and cheapest deals. Below are the best ways to save on car insurance:

In general, insurance companies give special values ​​to different cars, which affects the overall insurance price. Insurance companies consider the potential cost of repairs if the vehicle is involved in an accident. For expensive cars, it is seen that the repair costs are high. So, before choosing the car you want, take some time to think about how the price will affect the total insurance.

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If you are a good driver, you have a higher chance of getting cheap insurance coverage. This is because the insurance company does not think that you can cause an accident. However, being a great driver with a good reputation is not something that happens overnight. Most new drivers have a higher rate than the risk.

For people who work at least 8 hours a day, they are more likely to commute to work and come home later. The mileage in this case is less than those who drive during the day. If you work this way, insurers will consider giving you cheaper car insurance because your car requires less maintenance and the risk of an accident is lower.

Car owners need to choose the right product according to their driving habits. Since most people don’t drive frequently, choosing pay-as-you-go insurance is cheaper than regular insurance coverage. However, it is almost impossible to cheat on the insurance because there is a tracking device in your car.

Auto Insurance

Lack of experience is the main reason why insurers provide expensive insurance for new drivers. According to research, statistics show that young people have a higher chance of accidents than adults. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap insurance coverage. Take the time and improve your driving skills in general and you will be eligible for reliable insurance. A period of between 3 and 5 years is enough to improve your driving skills.

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In conclusion, here are some of the top ways to save on car insurance. You can also consider searching for the best insurance deals online. If you live in Singapore and need reliable insurance for new and used cars, sgCarMart is your best solution. You can visit our website for more information about our insurance policy. Start by choosing a plan with three options, then review the terms of your policy. Confused? Hang in there – this is the easy part!

Calculate your car insurance premiums using the provider’s detailed method. Using a number of factors, this system determines the likelihood of a disaster. Therefore, different people buying the same car insurance may get different quotes.

As a consumer, it may not be worth trying to figure out how it all works, as constant factors such as your age and driving experience determine how much you pay. What you can do, however, is to use these (legal!) tips from insurance companies

All cars are the same,

Car Insurance Claims: When To File And When Not To

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