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Our premium estimator only provides an approximate cost; Final amount may vary upon purchase subject to details provided.

Car Insurance Estimator

Car Insurance Estimator

We offer a variety of additional benefits to keep you extra safe. For an additional premium we cover:

How Does Car Insurance Calculator Work

Do you know On top of keeping you and your vehicle safe, you can enjoy when you choose us!

Get 10% discount when you renew your insurance online. Tired of going to the counter? You can now buy your insurance through our website or mobile app!

Our trusted online payment partner, iPay88, is regulated under Bank Negara Malaysia and complies with the highest international security standards (PCI DSS 1) as well as the Financial Services Act 2013.

In case of theft or total loss of your car, our credit loss insurance pays the outstanding loan amount to the bank, after deducting your car insurance amount or market value amount (whichever is higher). This product is renewable on an annual basis if your car is still under hire purchase and is insured under our comprehensive policy.

How Car Insurance Calculator Works?

ProMilage provides all the benefits of our comprehensive plans for less. Depending on how far you plan to drive, Promileage offers savings to protect both you and your wallet.

You will save 10% to 40% on your basic premium (including premium for optional benefits listed above, if applicable) depending on the promileage plan you choose.

You can purchase Promileage by visiting our mobile application (), our website or by calling our call centre.

Car Insurance Estimator

Yes, however you should note whether it is cost effective for you based on your current insurers short term cancellation rates.

A Car Insurance Claim Estimate Before The Tow Truck Is Called

No. Before purchasing Promilej you must submit a photo of your odometer reading through our mobile app or online. Otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your policy.

If you exceed the distance you were given, don’t worry. You are given an additional 500 km before your policy expires.

If you have exceeded both your allotted distance and the additional 500 km, your vehicle will no longer be covered for any loss, damage or other optional benefits. However, third party coverage is not affected.

You should top up your plan before you exceed your limit. This will ensure that you and your vehicle are completely safe on the road.

Car Insurance Calculator

You can buy a top-up the same way you bought a policy – ​​online, through our app, or just by calling us. Its cost is the difference between your current policy and the new policy.

For example, if your current plan costs RM500 and the next plan costs RM800, you will only be charged RM300.

An additional 500 km is provided to you if you exceed your allotted km before the expiry of your policy.

Car Insurance Estimator

If you have exceeded your allotted mileage and your grace mileage, and you have not topped up, you will only be covered for third party bodily injury or death and third party property damage, but as a result of any Your vehicle will not be damaged or damaged. Accident, fire or theft. (For promileage policies issued after 19th March 2021, the optional benefits mentioned in 1. above will not be covered if you have exceeded the prescribed kilometers and grace mileage).

How To Calculate Your Car Insurance Cost

Once coverage begins, you can move up to the next level of available mileage or up to full mileage coverage by paying an additional premium. A maximum of 2 top ups are allowed. If you are topping up for the second time, you can only top up up to the full mileage coverage.

No, you cannot downgrade your plan. You will also not get a refund or be able to carry over your unused miles to a new plan.

Do I still get the 10% commission discount if I use the website or app to buy the policy?

There will be no device installed on your vehicle to track your mileage. All you need to do is submit your current car mileage while buying insurance. We will look at your mileage again in the event of a claim. We will also send you regular reminders to check your own mileage.

Car Insurance Calculator: Estimate Your Cost

You can contact our staff at 1-800-88-2121 to resubmit your odometer photo the day before your insurance starts. Then we will make the necessary changes.

Yes You can buy flood or windshield cover at a premium that matches your allotted mileage.

Please refer to the policy contract and product disclosure sheet for complete terms and conditions under this policy.

Car Insurance Estimator

Car Insurance – ProMileage   Car Insurance – Standard   Motorcycle Insurance   Property Insurance   Travel Insurance Learn about the factors that affect your car insurance premium, and how your car insurance premium is calculated.

How Car Insurance Companies Value Cars

With effect from 1 July 2017, premium rates have been liberalized for Motor Comprehensive and Motor Third Party, Fire and Theft products. Following the liberalization of car tariffs by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), premium rates are set by individual insurers and takaful operators. This liberalization leads to different car insurance premiums, giving consumers more options. For your awareness, in this article we share the factors that affect car insurance premiums and how to calculate car insurance premiums.

One of the factors that affect car insurance premiums is the car market value. Generally, cars with higher market value have higher sum insured and therefore higher premiums. For example, a brand new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe with a market value of RM199, 177 will have a higher insurance premium than a brand new Honda Jazz with a market value of RM75, 300.

However, note that the market price of a car depreciates every year. So it will reduce your insurance premium as the market value of your car decreases. You can check the market value of your vehicle for free on MyCarInfo.

The year of manufacture of the car also affects car insurance premiums. For example, a Proton Saga manufactured in 2016 will have a lower insurance premium than a Proton Saga manufactured in 2021. In other words, insurance premiums for old cars are lower than insurance premiums for new cars.

How To Speed Up Claims Processing With Automated Car Damage Detection

Your No Claim Discount (NCD) also affects your car insurance premium. NCD is a ‘reward’ scheme that you earn if you do not make a claim on your insurance policy on an annual basis.

NCD rates vary according to different categories of vehicles. For private cars, NCD rates range from 25% to a maximum of 55%. The higher your NCD rate, the lower your car insurance premium. See our image below for NCD rates for private cars in Malaysia.

The type of car insurance you choose also affects your car insurance premium. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive than the most basic insurance which is third party insurance. Meanwhile, third party, fire and theft insurance is cheaper than comprehensive insurance but more expensive than third party insurance.

Car Insurance Estimator

For your information, comprehensive insurance is mandatory for cars 10 years old and below. For cars older than 15 years, it is encouraged to have third party, fire and theft insurance.

Top 4 Reasons To Use Car Insurance Calculator By Sahil Doshi

Generally, insurance premiums for cars in urban areas are higher than premiums for cars outside urban areas.

In addition, car insurance premiums are also higher for cars from West or Peninsular Malaysia than cars from East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).

If you are a good driver and have a spotless driving record, your car insurance premiums are likely to be lower. On the other hand, if you frequently break traffic rules and get into road accidents, your insurance premium will likely be higher because your insurer will consider you a high-risk driver.

If your occupation requires you to drive frequently to high-risk areas such as construction sites, your car insurance premium may be higher. This is because the use of your car due to your occupation puts your car at a higher risk of accidents and damage.

How To Estimate Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance Premium = Premium (After NCD, if any) + Additional Cover (if any) + Service Tax (6%) + Stamp Duty (RM10)

Finally, certain factors affect car insurance premiums. Factors include the market value of your car, the type of car insurance and your No Claims Discount (NCD). Since your insurance premiums are also based on the risk assessment by the insurers, it is important that you compare the covers and premiums offered by different insurers.

To help you easily compare insurers and their offers, we recommend that you use one of the largest insurance comparison sites in Malaysia. You can get up to 15 free car insurance quotes at You can renew your insurance online and activate it in just 5 minutes. Partner Content: This content was created by a business partner of Dow Jones and was researched and written independently of the newsroom. We may receive a commission as a result of links in this article. learn more

Car Insurance Estimator

A car insurance estimator can help you plan a change in car cover and see which company is best for you. There are many providers to choose from, and they have a lot to offer

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