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Compare Car Insurance – Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) car insurance only for Private Hire Drivers (including Grab and Go-Jek drivers) with a valid professional Private Hire Vehicle (PDVL) driver’s license

*To be appointed as your insurance agent: You can be assured that we will transfer your case only if we can offer you the same renewal premium. $50 will be deducted when you pay through us.

Compare Car Insurance

Compare Car Insurance

It strives to bring you the best NTUC Revenue PHV quotes with an easy, fast and convenient application. Enter your information into the online form and click “Submit” to enjoy your (new or renewing) $50 discount quote on NTUC Income. Depending on your payment method, you can deduct $50 directly at checkout or withdraw $50 directly to your bank account.

Compare Car Insurance On These 5 Important Parameters

If you’re a customer, you can enjoy a $50 premium promotion along with IBV points/ cashback.

Auto Insurance is also eligible for our Refer a Friend program. Refer friends and family to buy or renew your car insurance and receive $30 cash directly to your bank account for each successful referral.

1. Ask your friend to enter your referral code when they apply for car insurance or

2. When your friend applies for car insurance, please email us at [email protected] with both your and your friend’s email addresses.

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After purchasing your car insurance, go to Vicom to obtain the Special Rent Adhesive. Please bring your vehicle registration card with you.

NTUC Income will make all cash payments to your car rental company named in the program.

An NCD Protector is an additional optional benefit covered by your car insurance policy. The NCD Tutor Allowance allows you to claim your policy without losing your NCD status. This will keep your 50% NCD status despite a claim, but may cost you an extra 10% in premiums.

Compare Car Insurance

Most insurers only offer NCD Protector as an added benefit to car drivers who currently enjoy 50% NCD.

Google Launches Car Insurance Comparison

The policy does not cover any driver under the age of 22 or with less than 2 years of driving experience, unless otherwise specified in the Policy Schedule or with approval, if any.

Yes there is! This policy will reimburse you, your authorized driver and passenger up to $1,000 for reasonable medical expenses incurred due to any accident involving your vehicle.

It is a Licensed Brokerage House of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is an Exempt Financial Adviser. This announcement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Paying for car repair and maintenance is no joke. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying for car services… like getting the cheapest car insurance in Singapore, for example.

Searching for the right car insurance can take a lot of time. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best insurers offering the cheapest Singapore car insurance to help you save even more in the future!

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies (january 2023)

Allianz is a well-established insurance company known for its affordable insurance services. In an effort to serve the rapidly growing Asian markets, they established their regional office in Singapore in 1998 and more recently, Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. In 2020, Ltd.

Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd. was created to provide its customers with first-class solutions and bring a strong brand that offers high quality services, trust and security.

They have a variety of insurance related services like car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, hospital insurance and business insurance.

Compare Car Insurance

You can choose motor protection or electric motor protection, offering two types of car insurance. Each has a lifetime warranty on repairs and a “new for old” car replacement policy for cars with less than 2 years of service and irreparable damage.

The 8 Best & Worst Places To Compare Car Insurance

If you are looking for an insurance company that cares deeply about the health of its customers, providing excellent and affordable insurance services, we strongly recommend people partner with Allianz.

If you want to save as much money as possible on cheap car insurance in Singapore, Budget Direct Insurance can offer you the car insurance that’s right for you. You can even customize coverage to ensure all your needs are met.

It doesn’t use intermediaries like agents and agencies, so you really save a lot of money. That’s why we consider it to be one of the cheapest car insurance in Singapore!

You can also choose to insure more than one driver if your vehicle is used by other people. This will ensure whoever drives your car is protected should something happen.

Car Insurance — Marketplace Listed On Flippa: Car Insurance Inc. Insurance Quotes Comparison And Information Authority

Included in Singapore car insurance prices are personal accident insurance, medical expenses, roadside assistance, transport allowance and much more. There’s even a 24/7 emergency hotline that you can count on 24 hours a day.

Customers said they really saved a lot of money by taking advantage of Direct Budget car insurance. Some customers even saved up to a thousand dollars for car insurance in Singapore.

Another customer of ours stated that the application was very easy and he had no problems approving his application. These are the reasons why most policyholders praise it so much.

Compare Car Insurance

FWD Car Insurance is the best car insurance you can get if you want to protect your children in the event of an accident. One of its key features is the NCD lifetime benefit, which rewards you for driving safely.

Must Knows Of Car Insurance Renewal Online

If your NCD stays at 50% then you’ll keep it as long as you don’t blow the fuse. As with the previous option, you can also choose which benefits are included in your insurance plan. Considered one of the best and cheapest car insurance in Singapore because of this flexibility.

By deciding which benefits to include, you’ll stick to your budget and save more in the long run. We truly believe it is the cheapest car insurance in Singapore for this property.

“FWD has been my BEST choice of insurance company when it comes to purchasing travel insurance. The platform interface is simple and easy to navigate. The purchase and claim process is easy. No more endless paperwork when it comes to purchasing and claiming!

“FWD has a wide range of policies. I use their online app and it’s really fast and convenient. Relationship managers are also very quick and responsive. No regrets. Travel, drive and live with the confidence that they have your back. Thank you FWD TEAM, you are amazing.” Car And Home Insurance Comparison Website Or Web Page On A Laptop Screen Or Computer Monitor Stock Photo

If Etiqa car insurance has anything going for it, it’s the peace of mind of being protected on the road. Long-term drivers can take advantage of all their promotions and save up to 53% on auto insurance premiums.

Etiqa offers 3 car insurance packages to choose from: Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Only. Either of these packages will ensure that you are properly compensated should something happen to your car.

What we love about Etiqa is that you no longer have to wait a few days for your application to be approved. Your order can be approved in less than 30 minutes!

Compare Car Insurance

If you are still not satisfied with the features, you can choose to add Solar Film Covers, Workshop Cover and Moon/Sunroof Cover. Browse the site for the best online car insurance rates in Singapore.

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Aviva is one of the world’s leading insurers and we also think they offer one of the cheapest car insurance in Singapore in 2021. If you are a young driver then arming yourself with your car insurance plan is highly recommended. .

Some of the key features of car insurance are NCD protection, low NCD penalty, and emergency quick help. One of the cheapest options in Singapore due to the numerous discounts and promotions.

Car insurance includes an eCall assistance service that alerts the emergency team to help you in the event of an accident. This really made them one of the best car insurance in Singapore for 2020.

Car Protect360 from HL Assurance is the ideal insurance you should get if you want maximum coverage for car repair and maintenance. As vehicle maintenance must be done regularly, you can have your vehicle serviced and not spend money.

Ways To Compare Car Insurance Policy 2021(updated) Comparepolicy

In addition to being one of the cheapest car insurance in Singapore, you can also enjoy discounts and promotions as long as you meet the requirements.

It also includes high health insurance, transportation vouchers and even 24/7 assistance, which makes it one of the best options.

With Car Protect360, you’ll never have to worry about spending money on something that should have been avoided in the first place. That’s why we recommend it to anyone who wants the best and lowest car insurance rates in Singapore.

Compare Car Insurance

When do HL Assurance customers seem to think they are a reliable insurer?

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