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Drive Insurance – When you purchase auto insurance, in most cases the policyholder is the primary driver listed on the insurance policy. However, there are chances that you will allow other drivers to drive the car and not override the policy conditions. In such cases, you should add named drivers or opt for a policy that allows any driver to drive the car.

Let’s take a look at so called drivers car insurance, when you need to list or add them, limits on named drivers, their profiles – such as age or occupation, and some tips to look out for in a named driver’s auto insurance policy.

Drive Insurance

Drive Insurance

According to most insurers in Singapore or around the world, the primary driver is the person who uses the car most of the time. Accordingly, the premium paid is calculated based on the risk of the main driver profile. For example, if the main driver has good driving experience, the premium shown will be lower. But this means that the insurer expects the car to be driven by the main driver most of the time.

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However, cars can be shared by families or friends and you may need someone else to drive the car. Insurers expect you to list drivers driving the car, to add additional driver risk. Such a driver is called a driver or an additional driver.

Many insurers also offer types of policies where you can allow an experienced and safe driver (subject to the insurer’s definition of a safe driver) to drive the car and don’t need to name them. These policies are flexible but may cost you more. For example, DirectAsia offers a flexible plan.

If you are certain about the number of drivers using your car, it is a good idea to opt for named driver car insurance plans and save money on flexible plans.

You need named driver car insurance when you expect other known drivers to drive your insured car. This way, if you make an insurance claim while the named driver is driving the car, it will be honored by the insurer.

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If you have already purchased unnamed driver car insurance and need to allow other known drivers to drive the car, you can always call your insurer to enroll them.

There are different possible scenarios where you need to use named drivers on an auto insurance policy.

Flexible or all-driver car insurance policies allow any insured driver to drive your car. You do not need to list these drivers in the policy. However, in most cases licensed drivers must have a good driving history and experience.

Drive Insurance

As such, driver plans tailored to certain driver profiles can be expensive. If you are sure about the drivers driving the car, you can opt for named driver auto insurance when you can save on costs.

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Each insurer may define safe and experienced drivers differently in a flexible plan. It is always a good idea to check the details or conditions of any driver’s auto insurance policy.

For example, some insurers allow drivers aged 30 and above with at least 2 years of driving experience as any driver in the Flex plan.

Even if you have flexible or all-driver car insurance, you may not allow young or inexperienced drivers to drive the car. In such cases, you need a named driver’s auto insurance plan.

If you have a young or inexperienced teenager who has just got their driving license, no insurer will easily offer them a policy. In such cases, the young or inexperienced driver must be listed as a named driver on the parent or guardian’s policy plan.

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Registering a young or inexperienced driver can increase the premium. Some insurers apply a young and/or inexperienced driver deductible (also known as YIED) in cases where claims are made by young drivers. Deductibles and the different types of deductibles applicable in car or motorcycle insurance policy read here.

If you are certain that your spouse and/or children will be driving the car, you may also need a named driver’s auto insurance policy.

Some drivers with a history of numerous accidents and/or numerous claims are considered at risk by insurers. They may be denied insurance or have their car insurance application rejected.

Drive Insurance

In such cases, insurers may allow rejected drivers to be named drivers on a good driver auto insurance policy. In some cases, you or someone you know can be listed as the designated driver and insured to drive the car.

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While listing a named driver in a car insurance policy, the insurer may ask for various details related to the named driver. These details include anything that helps the insurer determine the driver’s risk profile.

In other words, the insurer wants to know the safety level of the designated driver and thereby calculates the additional premium to be invoiced.

The age of the named driver is a determining factor in calculating the premium. Young and inexperienced drivers are considered risky by insurers and therefore attract a higher premium.

Generally, drivers aged 25 or younger are considered at risk and may also attract additional young drivers. On the other hand, some insurers may insure people above the age of 30 as the main driver. In such cases, young drivers should be listed as named drivers.

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Some insurers consider occupation as a rating factor when calculating the insurance premium. For example, principal or hired car drivers who work in an office drive their car less often than those who work in sales and are therefore less prone to accidents. On the other hand, a driver in the entertainment industry may pose a greater risk than others.

If the insurer considers the driver’s occupation a necessary rating factor, it must be declared on the named driver’s auto insurance. At the time of writing, it appears that Direct Asia Insurance in Singapore does not require the named driver’s occupation to be declared.

Inexperienced and/or drivers belonging to high risk profile or named to insure a premium car may be eligible for additional deduction while claiming. This deductible serves to offset the excess risk that insurers must take to insure designated risk drivers.

Drive Insurance

Deductibles for these drivers vary from insurer to insurer, but range from $1,000 to $3,000. It is always a good idea to check the franchise conditions on named drivers.

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When it comes to adding a named driver to an auto insurance policy, there are a few things to consider or go wrong. However, there is no need to worry as most insurers are ready to clear doubts related to named drivers. Here are some tips from us at , which will help you make an informed decision when buying a named driver car insurance policy.

Some insurers offer flexible plans, which include certain drivers already included in the price. However, in named driver plans, adding a driver increases your premium.

No, non-plan named drivers cannot drive your car unless your plan is covered under the Flexible Plan. Flexible plans can cover any unidentified driver as long as they meet the criteria set by the insurer.

The policy taken by the insurer is based on the profile of the main driver. When a primary driver is mistakenly switched to a named driver and an experienced driver is listed as the new primary driver, the attempt to lower the premium is called fronting.

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Front is bad and not allowed by insurers in Singapore. Frontage voids your policy and your claims are rejected if frontage is found by the insurer. A front is considered insurance fraud.

Although most named drivers are usually relatives, most insurers do not require this. Insurers also allow employers, employees, guardians etc. Must be listed as a named driver.

A named driver’s profile is also used to calculate the premium. Likewise, the change in named drivers will result in new premium prices. Insurers may allow you to change named drivers subject to price changes and if the policy has pending claims.

Drive Insurance

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