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Low Car Insurance – Etika Insurance launches ePROTECT sMiles, a low-premium usage-based car insurance offering for drivers in Singapore offering 50% upfront savings

Singapore – Media Outreach – 16 June 2017 – Attika Insurance, the insurance arm of Maybank Group, has launched eProtect Smiles, an affordable usage-based car insurance offering in Singapore, with up to 50% premium savings upfront and potentially saving customers up to $500 per year (see infographic below based on the example scenario shown).

Low Car Insurance

Low Car Insurance

Following the widespread interest and adoption of usage-based insurance (UBI) in Singapore, the launch of eProtect Smiles furthers the insurer’s mission to embrace change and create customer-centric products that are better suited to their needs Huh. This new car insurance solution rewards drivers who drive less with first premium savings while still enjoying the same comprehensive car insurance coverage.

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Designed to provide more choice and value for drivers, ePROTECT sMiles adopts a ‘pay as you drive’ model. By using telematics app technology to measure the distance traveled by the driver and provide driving advice, a usage-based car insurance plan differentiates itself from traditional car insurance as a solution for drivers who spend less time behind the wheel. Spend less time in the back, who will no longer pay more for car insurance. ,

Unlike other UBI car insurers in Singapore that track and review a driver’s eligibility for premium savings, eProtect Smiles offers savings right from the start with an open planning and payment model starting at the lowest base rate. Drivers drive 6,000 km a year instead of saving 50% on their car insurance premiums. This mileage is divided into quarter distances of 1500 km. If a driver exceeds 1,500 kilometers in a quarter, they must pay a premium of S$0.063 per kilometer (based on the example shown in the infographic below). At the end of the quarter, his bill will be the base rate and the number of kilometers calculated per kilometer. Several factors can affect each driver’s rate, including age, vehicle type, and driver history.

Using the Attica telematics system to enable smart tracking, the driver’s journey is recorded by the Attica Insurance app via Smiles and a small Bluetooth beacon device provided. For each trip, the app measures ease, waits, turns and speed, then creates a trip score from 1 to 5, areas of good driving performance and a map for improvement. The rating mechanism aims to promote good driving habits such as driving at or below the speed limit and driving at moderate speeds. A low driving score can affect a driver’s auto insurance renewal premium.

EPROTECT sMiles are available for online boarding applications with a safe and secure boarding process limited to the first 100 applicants. For more information, visit www.etiqa.com.sg.

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Etika Insurance Pte. Ltd. A licensed life and general insurance company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore and regulated by the Insurance Act. In June 2016, Fitch rated the company “A-” for its financial strength and stable outlook.

Etika has been providing comprehensive insurance solutions in Singapore for over 55 years. It started operations in Singapore in 1961 as United General Insurance Company Sdn. Bhd.. The company was incorporated in 2009 as Etika Insurance Bhd. became a branch in Singapore

As a Housing and Development Board-appointed insurer for primary fire insurance, Attica has been proudly protecting homes since 2009. We added life insurance to our fixed products in August 2014.

Low Car Insurance

On 1 April 2015, Etika Insurance Bhd. Etika Insurance Pte Singapore Branch. Ltd. As a comprehensive life and general insurance provider, we offer pension, savings, protection and general insurance solutions to a growing customer base.

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At Attica, we believe in our brand promise of humanizing insurance. We strive to offer products and services that are simple and personal, yet relevant to what our customers need today. In everything we do, we put people above politics, with the best interests of our clients in mind.

As the insurance division of the Maybank Group, we are committed to helping our customers plan for a better future. Maybank is one of Asia’s leading banking groups and the fourth largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets.

The Maybank Group has an international network of 2,400 offices in 20 countries, employing more than 45,000 employees and serving more than 22 million customers worldwide. This no-frills, low-budget auto insurance plan may not have the widest range of benefits, but generous claims limits and low excesses make up for it. If you’re in the market for affordable auto insurance, you should definitely check out MSIG MotorMax Car Insurance. Polis offers an auto insurance policy that only covers the essentials, keeping its premiums low (lower than most, in fact). And with its cover, limiting third party death, personal injury and property damage, as well as high claims for personal accident and hospital expenses, it does wonders. Affordable premiums, combined with low deductibles on windshields and auto repairs, make MSIG MotorMax car insurance a worthy option for those looking for a cheap, affordable auto insurance policy that gets the job done. In this guide, we take a closer look at how MSIG MotorMax car insurance works. Pros and Cons of MSIG MotorMax Car Insurance Easily available with low premiums, only two levels available. Good level of coverage in critical areas Narrow range of benefits compared to other insurers Low excess rates for windscreen and excess. Must be minimum 27 years. Application Includes Personal Accident, Medical Expenses CAR INSURANCE SPECIAL OFFER: Successful applicants for all MSIG and TIQ car insurance products will receive up to 2x points for our CNY Grand Lucky Draw. Stand a chance to win more than S$14,000 in exciting prizes. Expires January 31, 2023. Terms and conditions apply. Compare and shop for car insurance to get the best deals and discounts on the coverage you love! Find the best car insurance for you MSIG MotorMax #1 Car Insurance Key Features: Offers one of the lowest premiums on the market MSIG MotorMax offers one of the lowest premiums on vehicle insurance. One reason they can do this is to limit the minimum age of their drivers to 27 and over, which reduces the overall risk of the policyholder pool. As a result, MSIG MotorMax Car Insurance should be on the radar for drivers looking to lower their car insurance premiums. #2: The benefits offered by MSIG Motormax Car Insurance are breadth rather than depth, it doesn’t include a wide range of benefits like some other auto insurers (eg no cover for personal items stored in the car and no car alterations). Instead, it focuses on smaller, but perhaps more important, benefits to ensure that whatever coverage you have is sufficient to meet your needs. This policy can offer an unlimited benefit for death or bodily injury and S$5 million for property damage to third parties. #3: Windshield damage and low self-damage Another outstanding feature of MSIG Motormax car insurance is the attractively low excess for windscreen replacement and car repair claims. You only need to pay S$100 for glass processing and only S$500 extra for repair and replacement of vehicles caused by damage or loss. #4: Personal accident and medical expenses coverage MotorMax and Motormax Plus plans include personal accident insurance (S$20,000 and S$100,000 respectively), so find out if this area of ​​coverage is important to you. some level of protection even if you go with lower tier plans. A benefit of up to $1,000 each for medical expenses is also included, which is useful for minor injuries and post-accident investigations. Important exclusions to be aware of If you are considering signing up for MSIG MotorMax car insurance, be aware of these exclusions. For a full list of limitations and other important information, please read the policy wording here and here. MSIG is not liable to pay for the following: Damage to tires unless other parts of the insured vehicle are damaged in the same accident. Insured’s drivers Damage caused by the Insured’s vehicle being drunk or by a family member (in other words, don’t crash your car into your mom’s garden and expect your insurance to pay for the repairs!), Liability or Expenses Any claim arising out of alcohol or drug use For whom is MSIG Motormax Car Insurance best suited for illegal or unauthorized modifications to an insured vehicle? MSIG Motormax Car Insurance is one of the best auto insurance policies available in the market. Regardless, the plan doesn’t skimp on benefits, with the MotorMax Plus tier in particular offering some powerful protection. So, MSIG MotorMax Car Insurance is for those who are looking for good benefits

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