Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance – Get coverage for the 3 most common critical illnesses in Singapore at 1/3 the price with a one-time full payment.

Eligibility (“Eligible Customer”): Customers who purchased comprehensive motor insurance (“Policy”) during the Promotion Period. Cancellation and replacement of existing rules is not allowed to participate in this campaign. Customers will be entitled to a CapitaVoucher after the policy cover date. This campaign is not valid with other offers, bundles, promotions, loyalty or early bird discounts, unless otherwise stated. This campaign is also not used for policy promotion, policy expansion and policy reduction.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Vouchers are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or anything else if lost or stolen.

Singapore Motor Insurance Market

To the e-mail address provided on their insurance application on the day of the month following the coverage start date. If eligible customers do not receive the e-purchase letter, the customer can contact +65 6820 8888. Customers must identify themselves for verification purposes. Prize will be forfeited if customers do not report non-receipt of e-purchase e-mail within one month of expected e-purchase e-mail.

Enjoy a decent car while your car is in the workshop¹. Get our Executive or Prestige plan and enjoy this benefit.

Customers can rely on us when filing a complaint. Not only that, our car insurance plans stand out from the rest with features like: 50% NCD Lifetime Guarantee and free 24-hour roadside assistance for accidental and non-accidental breakdowns.

NEW! Get a service car for up to three months while your car is in the workshop or if your car is written off or stolen.”

Gung Ho On Pay As You Use Motor Insurance Policy? Think Twice

Get the help you need in the event of a breakdown (accidental or non-accidental) with our 24-hour roadside assistance service for all comprehensive plans. Includes towing and battery starting assistance.

We are the only insurer that guarantees you 50% NCD for life if you are with us.

1If you have our Executive or Prestige plan, you can choose a service car while your car is in the workshop or a daily transport allowance up to the limit shown in your plan. If you have a Classic tariff, you can use the daily allowance for transport up to the amount of the benefit. 2021 Statistics 3For auto insurance plans with annual premiums over $500

Motor Insurance

Yes, anyone you drive your car with can be insured without being listed on our policy

China’s Motor Insurance Reforms: A Global View

Close. This cover is part of our Executive or Prestige plan. You can get this cover as an add-on to our classic plan.

Up to three months while your car is in a garage or if your car is written off or stolen

Get S$100 per day (up to 90 days) and S$50,000 for death and total and permanent disability if you or your family members are hospitalized in an accident. This also includes non-motor vehicle accidents.

Cover trusted family and friends who drive your car without naming them on your policy. Choose our Executive or Prestige program to automatically take advantage of this benefit, or purchase it as an add-on to our Classic program.

Msig Private Motor Insurance

Have your car repaired at a workshop of your choice. Please note that our market leading manufacturing defect warranty only applies to premium workshops.

Even in case of misfortune, you will save 30% or 40% of your NCD when you stay with us.

When driving in West Malaysia and parts of Thailand, take out extra special costs insurance and towing benefits to get your car back to Singapore.

Motor Insurance

If you lose control of your vehicle, call the emergency service (24/7) on +65 6322 2072.

Motor Insurance Consumer Guide

If you can still drive your vehicle, report the accident within 24 hours at one of our nearest premium workshops.

If you have an Executive or Prestige plan, you can opt for a service vehicle while your car is in the workshop or request a daily transport allowance up to the limit specified in your plan.

If you have a classic plan, you can use the daily transport allowance up to the limit specified in your plan.

If you are using a service vehicle, we will arrange for it to be collected from the workshop when your car is ready for collection.

Has Your Motor Insurance Cover Lapsed? Here’s All You Need To Know About Renewing It

Don’t need comprehensive car insurance? Choose from Third Party or Third Party, Fire and Theft plans to save on car insurance. Customized for your car. Tailored to your budget.

Be protected when driving to West Malaysia and parts of Thailand with our car insurance plan.

We are happy to provide you with towing services, but this plan does not include towing fees. There is a third party fire and theft plan.

Motor Insurance

Our Third Party Only plan protects you from someone else’s claims. Our third party fire and theft plan covers this, as well as coverage in the event of fire or theft of the vehicle.

Compare And Buy Car Insurance

This page is for general information only. Please refer to the rules editorial for the detailed terms of this plan. This policy is protected under the Policyholder Protection Scheme administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Your policy coverage is automatic and requires no action on your part. For more information on the types of benefits covered by the scheme as well as coverage limits, please contact us or visit the GIA/LIA or SDIC websites ( or www. or www .sdic Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) insurance applies to private hire drivers (including Grab and Go-Jek drivers) with a valid Private Hire Vehicle Driver’s License (PDVL).

*Assignment as an Insurance Agent: If we can offer you the same renewal premium, rest assured that we will take your business elsewhere. After that, $50 will be withheld when you make a payment through us.

Strives to provide you with the best PHV offers from NTUC Income with a simple, fast and convenient application. Simply fill in your details in the online form and click ‘Submit’ to get $50 off your premium (new or renewal) from NTUC Income. Depending on your payment method, you can credit $50 directly at checkout or receive $50 directly into your bank account.

If you are a customer, you will enjoy IBV points / cashback as well as a premium promotion with a discount of $50.

Top 10 Common Tactics

Car insurance is also eligible for our Refer a Friend program. Refer friends and family to buy or renew car insurance and get $30 cashback directly to your bank account for every successful referral.

1. Simply ask a friend to enter a referral code when applying for car insurance or

2. When your friend applies for car insurance, send us your and your email to [email protected]

Motor Insurance

After purchasing your car insurance, visit Vicom to get a Private Hire Decal. Please bring your vehicle registration card.

Motor Insurance: The Starting Point To A Smooth Ride

NTUC Income will pay all cash payments to your car rental company as detailed in the schedule.

NCD Protector is an optional add-on to your car insurance policy. The NCD protection benefit allows you to claim your policy without losing your NCD status. This will keep your NCD status at 50% regardless of claim, but may mean an additional 10% increase in premium.

Most insurers only offer NCD cover as an additional benefit to motorists who have 50% NCD cover.

The policy does not apply to drivers under the age of 22 or with at least 2 years driving experience, unless otherwise stated in the policy or endorsement.

Why Need A Motor Insurance Policy

Yes, there is! This policy pays you, your eligible driver, and a passenger up to $1,000 in reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of any accident involving your vehicle.

Is a licensed broker and tax-exempt financial adviser from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This ad has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Motor vehicle insurance also covers vehicles such as trucks, scooters, cars, bicycles, etc. required for purchase. This insurance offers coverage in case of physical damage or loss of your vehicle. due to man-made or natural disasters, or theft, etc.

People save every penny to buy a car to speed up their commute for work and personal needs. On the other hand, any accident can happen anywhere without any acknowledgment due to which a person can cause a lot of damage to their car and have to pay a huge amount for repair or replacement costs. Therefore, it is very important to have your car insured to ensure complete safety and protection.

Motor Insurance

A motor vehicle insurance plan is important as well as mandatory under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988 viz.

Must Knows Of Car Insurance Renewal Online

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