Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance – Private Vehicle (PHV) insurance only for drivers of private vehicles (including Grab and Go-Jek drivers) who have a Private Vocational License (PDVL)

* Appointment as your insurance agent: Rest assured we will still turn your case if we can offer you one renewal fee. $50 will be deducted when you pay through us.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

NTUC Income is committed to providing you with the best PHV prices, with a simple, fast and convenient application. Simply fill in your details in the online form and click submit to get $50 off your bonus (New or Renewal) quoted from NTUC Income. You can withdraw $50 instantly at checkout, or get $50 cashback directly into your bank account, depending on your payment method.

Private Motor Vehicle

If you are a customer, you will get IBV / points cash back and $50 cash back.

Car insurance also qualifies for a refer a friend program. Refer your friends and family to buy or renew their car insurance through it, and get $30 cashback directly deposited into your bank account for every successful referral.

1. Ask your friend to enter your passcode when applying for car insurance, or

2. Email us at [email protected] and your friend’s email address when your friend applies for car insurance.

Covid 19 Effects: Motor Insurance Practical Challenges

Once you’ve purchased your car insurance, head to Vicom to get a private rental label. Please bring your vehicle registration card.

NTUC Income will pay any premiums to the company purchasing your vehicle listed in the schedule.

Non-communicable disease (NCD) coverage is an optional additional coverage under your car insurance policy. NCD benefits allow you to claim under your policy if you lose your NCD status. This saves you 50% on your NCD level no matter what you say, but can cost you up to 10% more in premium.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Most insurance companies only offer an NCD protector as an add-on to drivers who already have an NCD rate of 50%.

Car Insurance: Buy/renew Car Insurance Online

Any driver under the age of 22 or with less than two years of driving experience is not covered by the policy, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the policy or by endorsement, if applicable.

Yes there is! This policy will pay you, your driver and authorized passenger up to $1,000 for reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of any accident involving your vehicle.

A broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and a not-for-profit financial advisor. This announcement has not been reviewed by the Financial Conduct Authority of Singapore. As you already know, your car insurance must be renewed every year. It is important to do this because your car insurance policy – whether comprehensive, fire and theft (TPFT) or third party only (TPO) – provides protection against accidental damage to your car, fire, theft and third party liability in the form of death, personal injury and property damage.

Updating your car insurance before the due date is not only important, but it is also important because doing so will not only cause your insurance to expire, but it can also cause many other problems.

Singlife With Aviva Now Covers Electric Vehicles Under Its Car Insurance

For one, you must purchase a new insurance policy for your car. In addition, you may also lose all of the prior accounting year’s benefits as a “No Disclosure” (NCD) if the rule is modified. Most insurance companies offer a grace period of one year as per the guidelines of the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA). However, a two-year grace period is provided for reinstatement of your original policy.

In this article, we discuss what happens when your car insurance expires and what to do if it does. And of course, it’s best to prevent your car insurance from falling out in the first place.

You are not allowed to drive in Singapore without valid vehicle insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance, you can get strict legal notices and pay hefty fines.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

The Singapore Motor Vehicles (Third Party Perils and Rewards) Act states that anyone found driving in Singapore without third party risk insurance can be fined up to S$1,000 or imprisoned for up to 3 months or both. . If you are convicted of this offense, you will also be disqualified from obtaining or obtaining a driver’s license for 12 months from the date of your conviction.

Why You Should Review Your Auto Insurance This Year

Another risk you run into by letting your car insurance expire is an increase in your premium rate. If the time between policy termination and renewal is too long, you may end up paying higher premiums or you may be denied renewal altogether.

The biggest risk of not having car insurance is if you get into an accident. There can be liability from driving without insurance, such as danger to your life and to other drivers, as well as injury and damage to your car and other vehicles on the road.

This means that you will have to pay property damage and medical expenses out of pocket.

Now, let’s move on to the main part of the article, what to do if your car insurance has expired.

How Long Does A Car Insurance Claim Take To Settle?

The first step is to contact your car insurance company. Your insurance company may still offer a grace period for the standard renewal process on your expired policy. If not, you must apply for new car insurance.

But if you’ve been thinking about switching insurance providers, now might be a good time to do so. Compare car insurance online and choose the one that offers the best deals and competitive rates.

Next, prepare papers and documents for closed car insurance and keep them on hand. You must also include documents, invoices, receipts, and other details of past charges in this document.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

After you tell your auto insurance agent that your policy has lapsed, they should offer you new options after calculating your costs. Be sure to review all the details of the new law against damaged auto insurance to ensure that you are getting the same coverage. Of course, you can select more optional benefits if needed and check if there are any discounts or promotions that can be applied to your new policy.

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You should also check if your insurance company can transfer any NCD from your default policy. Insurance companies can grant this request if you’re a loyal customer, so it pays to check.

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose a brand new or reused car insurance policy that is similar to a fault insurance policy.

Choose the policy that suits you best and pay only what you need. Here are some ways you can lower your costs and premiums:

The best way to avoid coverage gaps and to make sure you are protected is to keep your coverage up to date and avoid falling out of your car insurance. Pay your bills on time and make sure you know your policy expiry date.

Revised Vehicle Insurance Law, 2020

You will be able to create automatic payments and automatically renew your orders. If you change insurance companies, be sure to include the start date of your new policy and the end date of your old policy so you are not late.

Always keep in mind that if the policy is not renewed before the expiry date, the policy will be forfeited. Avoid loopholes in your car insurance policy because uninsured cars can put you at financial risk if you are involved in an accident or mishap.

However, the good news is that you can easily renew your auto insurance policy from the comfort of your office by submitting your application online. So, avoid policy damages by making sure you renew your car insurance on time! Paying for car repairs and maintenance is no joke. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid having to pay for car services… like getting cheap car insurance in Singapore.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Finding the right car insurance can take a long time. This is why we have rounded up for you the best insurance companies that offer cheap car insurance in Singapore to help you save money in the future!

Difference Between Third Party Car Insurance And Own Damage Motor Insurance [infographic]

Allianz is a well-established insurance company known for its affordable insurance services. They established their regional office in Singapore in 1998 in an effort to serve the fast growing Asian market and recently launched Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd. in 2020.

Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd with the aim of providing high quality solutions to its customers and bringing a strong brand offering high quality service, reliability and safety.

They have various insurance services such as auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, hospital insurance, and employment insurance.

Offering two types of car insurance, you can choose motor protection or electric bike protection. Everyone has a lifetime warranty on repairs and ‘new’ for

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