New Car Insurance

New Car Insurance – Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) insurance only for private hire drivers (including Grab and Go-Jek drivers) with a Private Hire Vehicle Driving License (PDVL)

* Appointment as your insurance agent: Be assured that we will only proceed with your case if we can offer you the same renewal premium. After that, $50 will be deducted when you pay through us.

New Car Insurance

New Car Insurance

Strives to provide you with the best PHV quotes from NTUC Income with a simple, fast and convenient app. Simply fill in your details in the online form and click ‘Submit’ to enjoy $50 off your premium (new or renewed) NTUC Income quote. You can withdraw $50 directly at checkout or get $50 back directly into your bank account, depending on your payment method.

Carro & Ntuc Income Launch Usage Based Insurance In Singapore

If you’re a customer, you’ll enjoy IBV / cashback and a $50 promotional discount.

Auto insurance is also eligible for our Refer a Friend program. Invite friends and family to buy or renew your auto insurance through .

1. Just ask your friend to enter their referral code when applying for car insurance, or

2. When your friend has applied for car insurance, send us a message at [email protected] with you and your friend’s email address.

Compare And Buy Car Insurance

Once you’ve purchased your car insurance, go to Vicom to get a Private Rental Label. Please bring your boarding card with you in the car.

NTUC Income will pay any compensation to the car rental company as shown in the schedule.

NCD Protector is an additional benefit under your car insurance. The NCD protection benefit allows you to file a claim under your policy without losing your NCD status. This will retain 50% of your NCD status regardless of the claim, but may cost an additional 10% in premiums.

New Car Insurance

Many insurance companies only offer NCD Protector as an additional benefit to drivers who already have 50% NCD.

Protac Motors Car Insurance

The policy does not cover any driver under the age of 22 years or less than 2 years driving experience, unless otherwise stated in the Policy Plan or in the endorsement, if applicable.

Yes there is! This policy pays you, your authorized driver and a passenger up to $1,000 for reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of any accident involving your vehicle.

He is a licensed dealer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and a freelance financial advisor. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. For those not in the automotive industry, it’s hard to know exactly what the financial implications are when choosing between buying a new car in Singapore or not. is used. Worse, Singaporean cars are ranked among the most expensive in the world! If you can’t buy a Toyota in Singapore, you can buy a Porsche in the US (yes, my heart hurts again when I think about it). So let’s assume you are serious about buying a car in Singapore. What factors should be considered when choosing a used or new car? Let’s check them one by one.

In conclusion, how much money have you saved in the bank to buy that dream car? As of this writing (September 2015), you can only borrow up to 50% of the purchase price of a car. So if your dream car is worth $500,000 and you don’t have $250,000 to put down, let’s just say you throw that thought out the car window (waiting)!

Other Auto Plans

Assuming you can clear your car payment, the next hurdle to overcome will be the monthly loan obligation. Today’s car loan rate is 2.88%. Multiply that by the car loan you’re getting. So the important question is: will your monthly car loan payment, along with your other regular payments such as credit card debt, refinance loan, home loan, etc. exceed 60% of your monthly income? If so, you’ve failed your total debt service ratio (TDSR), which means you can no longer get a loan to buy that dream car.

This is one of the numbers used by car dealers to show how important it is to buy a used car in Singapore. And guess what? Most car buyers have no choice but to accept the numbers provided by the car dealer because going through the PARF value, OMV, CEVS and other crazy abbreviations to arrive at the car’s annual depreciation is daunting. Fortunately, there are free online calculators, such as, where you can look up this number. You can also find out how much a new or used car is worth if you want to sell it within 10 years. With this number, you can have more bargaining power when talking to a car dealer.

One of the biggest concerns when buying a used car is getting a car with lots of defects. To alleviate this problem, you can pay for a VIACOM or STA vehicle inspection ($188 paid by the car buyer) and tell the car dealer that if there is an “Unknown” check on any part of the car, the car company that fix it and go away. Bill. Otherwise, the deal is closed and you can get your down payment or option money back. Make sure all of this is spelled out in your car’s sales contract. When buying a new car, these problems do not exist; in addition, you will get a warranty for various parts of the car and free service up to certain kilometers of the car.

New Car Insurance

Seriously, from a financial planning perspective, a car is a depreciating asset, unlike a house, which can increase in value. After buying a car, running costs like fuel, servicing, parking, ERP costs, etc. will easily total more than $1000 per month. One must have valid reasons for owning a car in Singapore eg. you want to transport your children and elderly parents and at the same time you must have deep pockets; Otherwise, public transportation, which will cost you $500 a month, without a $50,000 down payment, would certainly be a wiser financial choice.

Root Insurance Launches A New Car Insurance Company

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What Is The #1 Danger If I Don’t Have Car Insurance? What Is The #1 Danger If I Don’t Have Car Insurance?

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